Books for Sale

There are some books by Alexandre Dupouy for sale on vintage fetish photography

Godfather of American Fetish Art

A little why ago I got a really nice present from a dear friend. The book Charles Gyette: Godfather of American Fetish Art, written by Richard Pérez Seves. It is such a nice book, so many photos to go through and a well documented story about Gyuette’s life. If you are a fan of vintage…

Nativa Richard Mixed

When relocating my blog some photos got lost. Nativa was married to photographer Yva Richard, it is pretty safe to say she was his muse and most likely the businesswoman behind her husband. I also had a seperate lingerie album, and mixed photos. So this seems like a right moment to share them with you….

Torture Garden

Torture Garden by Alexander Dupouy is a nicely designed and printed, highly charming anthology of vintage bondage and fetish photographs drawn from the collection of noted erotic photographer Alexandre Dupouy. A sense of whimsy pervades most of these images, many of which are highly narrative in nature.  A bright, most handsome example of the 1993…

Bizarre Magazine (1968)

Hard to find early fetish lifestyle publication by P.W. Publications (Selbee Press, Lenny Burtman). Circa 1968. Magazine primarily deals with the female domination lifestyle prevalent in certain communities of the United States in the 1960’s. It has as articles and photo features on female lead relationships. Makes for a fascinating and revealing read. Profusely illustrated. Printed in color / black and white. 65…

Rare photos for Sale

At the current auction there are some rare fetish (related) photos for sale.  Enlarge the photos and click the links below every photo to view details (and more photos).