Lesbian Love

These photos made me doubt if they could be from Biederer Studio, the photos do have that special vibe, also one of the ladies is wearing lingerie I have seen before in shoots from Biederer. Since I am not sure and don’t want to loose them I decided to add them here, what interests me are the markings seen in two photos. I am not … Continue reading Lesbian Love

Bettie Page Archives

A wonderful book for sale for all Bettie Page lovers. ‘The collaboration between Bettie Page and the Klaws produced photographs that are far more than mere pin-ups. They have given generations of men and women something to admire, by showing one strong, unapologetically sensual woman, at home in her curvaceous body. While by today’s standards some of these images may seem tame, even humorous, there … Continue reading Bettie Page Archives