Lucette Desmoulins

Lucette Desmoulins was a French actress. Apart from her roles in the theater from 1927 and in the cinema from the beginning of the speaking in 1930, there is nearly nothing about Lucette Desmoulins except that at the time we often met her in the contests of elegance.She seems to have been engaged with the companion of the cartoonist Pol Rab (1898-1933) with whom she … Continue reading Lucette Desmoulins

Alexander Stark

Alexander J. “Zan” Stark (1889-1967) was a Michigan-born photographer who moved to San Francisco, California around 1914, where he established a photography and lantern slide business under the name Xan Stark, Alta Studios. He is known for his landscape and nature photographs, for twenty years he traveled through California to create these photos. In 1914 Zan and his brother Edwin Stark started a small theater … Continue reading Alexander Stark

Lea Niako

Lea Niako (1908-1945), real name Maria Kruse. Was a German actress and ballerina. She worked within the choreographic movement called nackttanz , in which its protagonists sometimes came to act practically naked before the public, which has been interpreted by some researchers as a “gesture of emancipationDuring a private party held at the end of February 1934 he was arrested together with the agent and officer of the … Continue reading Lea Niako