Kiki by Man Ray

Kiki de Montparnasse’s (Alice Prin) companion for most of the 1920s was Man Ray, who made hundreds of portraits of her. She can be considered his muse at this time, she is the subject of some of his best-known images, including the notable surrealist image Le violon d’Ingres and Noire et blanche. Continue reading Kiki by Man Ray

Kansuke Yamamoto

Kansuke Yamamoto (1914 -1987) was a photographer and poet. He was a prominent Japanese surrealist born in Nagoya, Japan. He encountered surrealism and dadaism through the poetry magazine “cine´” published by Yamanaka Chiruu who was promoting surrealism in Japan. At the age of 15, he started to write poems. He graduated from the Nagoya Second Commercial School in 1929. That year, he started writing poetry. He … Continue reading Kansuke Yamamoto