Polaire (1874-1939)

Pauline Emilie-Marie Bouchard (1874-1939), stagename Polaire/Miss Polaire (Pole Star) was a French singer and actress. Toulouse Lautrec portrayed her on a magazine cover in 1895, making a name for herself she tried her luck in New York without succes. When she returned to Paris she went on to act in serious theatre. Friend of the prominent couple formed by Willy and Colette – co-authors of the Claudine series -, … Continue reading Polaire (1874-1939)

Pierre Iman’s Mannequins

Pierre Imans, a French mannequin manufacturer of the period, made wax mannequins for department stores worldwide. Imans took the mannequin to new heights with modernist figures, new poses, and some of the first mannequins with darker skin tones, modelling a mannequin after dancer, singer, and actress Josephine Baker. Some of his models are even subversive, showcasing a lesbian couple at the “Streets of Paris” exhibition at … Continue reading Pierre Iman’s Mannequins


As amateur photographed I am always drawn towards photographing dolls and mannequins (see some photos here) seems like I am not the only one since back in history other photographers were fascinated by this subject as well. Here is a collection Mannequin photos by various photographers. I hope you enjoy. (I will search for dolls for a different post) Continue reading Mannequins