Human Pony Girl

“Riding the Human Pony Girl”, a film loop by Irving Klaw from the 1950s. One of the earliest examples of pony play fetishism on film. Includes fancy bondage, some light spanking, and girl-on-girl pony riding. Half way in the two mistresses have to stop and change the slave’s arm position. One wonders if this was intentional or a mistake in planning. Note the elaborate leather … Continue reading Human Pony Girl

The Defilers

Key early scene from the classic grindhouse roughie “The Defilers” (1965). In contrast to the crude, amateurish New York sexploitation films (see “Olga’s House of Shame” clips), this is the first Hollywood roughie with a developed storyline, characters, and slick production (despite a budget of only $11,000). In other words, a low-budget film that doesn’t look cheap. This also appears to be the first movie … Continue reading The Defilers