All images presented at this site were produced for erotic pleasure. They are non pornographic, the photos were produced through companies that hired (adult) models who posed in roleplay settings to gain a highly sensual atmosphere. Since the advent of photography in the mid-19th century, the new medium has been used to create a wide variety of erotic spanking and other fetish-related pictures (depicting birching, whipping, bondage, etc.).
One of the first producers of spanking photos were Jacques and Charles Biederer (ca 1910/1940).
For over a century, black and white adult spanking photos were produced in surprising quantities and privately sold as an illicit, under-the-counter commodity. In most countries, the law made little distinction between these images and blatant pornography until the late 1960s. By that time spanking photographs had been appearing in underground fetish specialty magazines and booklets for over a decade. Soon, periodicals entirely devoted to spanking images (including, for the first time, glossy color reproductions) would enter the mainstream and proliferate until the Internet era came to dominate the market in the 1990s. Read more about vintage spanking photography at the Spanking Art Wiki.

Spanking Art (also known as flagellation illustrations) were produced as book illustrations, for more info on Historic Spanking Art visit The Spanking Art Wiki.

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