Lope de Brano

These two FemDom photos were published in Ernst Schertel’s Encyclopedia of Flagellation. The photographer (or female model?) is referred to as Lope de Brano, for who I could not find anything.

Roland Carré

For magazine Chi Chi photographer Roland Carré took these photos. There is not much known about this photographer.

Zichy, Count theodore

Count Theodore Béla Rudolf Zichy de Zich et Vásonkeő (1908 –1987) was a British actor, photographer, film director, producer and playboy of Hungarian descent. In 1928, he started racing Bugattis, which he continued on and off until 1932. As a photographer he mainly took pictures of women’s legs, feet and shoes. His 1948 photograph portfolio Chiaroscuros (from the Italian…

Photo Mahler

So far I was unable to find any info for this photographer. It seems to have been a photo studio, stored in Hamburg. To see more photos be sure to visit Siegried Sander’s blog.

Bdsm by Man Ray

One of the most familiair bdsm related shoots done by Man Ray are the photos he took of Lee Miller & William Seabrook. I also found some other photos, a few from Justine, who is mentioned with William Seabrook relating to one of the masks he created. Juliette Bdsm