From time to time I try to add old shoots that are stored on my pc. At first I thought they were done by Jean Agelou but thanks to a fan of the site I was notified that all photos from the serie Strange love (except the 1st one) were done by Albert Arthur Allen, from his 1929 publication “The Sheik”. All but the 1st … Continue reading Haremgirls

Lingerie Shoot by Jean Agelou

These are the surprising findings, more photos from one shoot by Jean Agelou. Just think about how rare this is, these photos were shot ca 80 years ago, published as single postcards and sometimes published in a catalogue. Very often I just find bits and bites, I stopped storing every single photo hoping one day I will find more (only do so for Ostra Studio) … Continue reading Lingerie Shoot by Jean Agelou

Jean Agelou

Jean was born in 1878 in Alexandria (Egypt) and died in 1921 in Gien (Loiret) Jean’s business was started with selling stereoviews and soon he evolved to selling postcards, which was a great moment for him to step into since postcards were becoming very popular, especially nude photographs. He worked together with his brother Georges Agelou. The magazine L’Etude Académique was a magazine produced by … Continue reading Jean Agelou