Snake Dance

Unknown model, photographed by Alfred Noyer.

Spanked Outside

At first I thought these might be taken by Biederer Studio, it is however more likely they are Grundworth Studio’s work. Notice how the models change roles.

Spirtual Submission

These photos are from an unknown photographer, model is unknown as well. The photos are taken around 1920.

Lea Niako

Lea Niako (1908-1945), real name Maria Kruse. Was a German actress and ballerina.She met the Polish spy Jerzy Sosnowski with who she had an affair. They were both arrested for espionage on February 24, 1935 by the Gestapo. She died murdered in Berlin in 1945).There is nothing known about her career (if any) after the…

Gabrielle Ray

The first time Miss Gabrielle came to my attention was when finding info about a photo of her holding a whip. It lead to the blog The Little Cherub. Gabrielle Ray (1883 – 1973) was an English stage actress, dancer and singer, best known for her roles in Edwardian musical comedies. Ray was considered one of the…