Three Chained Girls

This is such a wonderful set, taken ca 1890/1910 I think by an unknown photographer. There are some simularities to Slavegirls in Chains.


Some more photos for Diana Slip Lingerie, be sure to browse all other blogs with photos created for this magazine. I could not determine the photographer(s) for this set.


Photographed by Yva Richard. The model is unknown, some say it could be a very young Nativa Richard. Submission Submission

1910 Spanking Photos

These are from an unknown photographer, models are unknown as well. Photographed ca 1910.

Bondage by Biederer

Those who follow this blog might know I also run a special tribute for photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer.Their vision on fetish photography was the inspiration for so many photographers. Enjoy this collection bondage photos by Biederer Studio.