Old Bdsm Photo

From an anonymous photographer. 100% authentic photograph printed in the early 20th century on matte photo paper. On the backside is written ‘Russian Kulturbilder’ It’s for sale via auction

Rare Outdoor Spanking

This photo really fascinates me, what was it they were trying to show? Two nude girls outdoor? Why was the one posing on her knees, and what is the purpose of hand of the woman standing, is if floating in the air, was it to spank or to please? The models are the sisters Grete…

1950 Bondage Photos for Sale

So I could not resist sharing these with you, three really nice 50’s bondage photos. Click on link below photo to view details and purchase

Irina Ionesco Photos for Sale

Those who are not familiair with the story on Irina Ionesco I can really recommend viewing the movie My Little Princess (made by her daughter who shared from her view as yound model for her mother) There are a lot of photo books offered for sale via Ebay as well as a rare collection photos