Le Coup le plus long

This photo book is for sale. Le Coup le plus long has 62 photographic illustrations by John Green. It was published in 1972. Original edition of this pornographic novel abundantly illustrated with the erotic photos by John Green. At the time, this book was censored, the book was forbidden to minors, exhibition, and advertising.

Irina Ionesco Photo Book

Irina Ionesco is a French photographer born in Paris, France. She traveled and painted for several years before discovering photography and eventually became known for her erotic photography and most controversially for using her pre-pubescent daughter as a model.Read more here Currently you can purchase a photo book via auction.

Irina Ionesco Photobook

Cent Onze Photographies Erotiques was published in 1980 and shows some of the most burlesque and sensual photos from Irina Ionesco. This book is for sale via Auction.

Old Bdsm Photo

From an anonymous photographer. 100% authentic photograph printed in the early 20th century on matte photo paper. On the backside is written ‘Russian Kulturbilder’ It’s for sale via auction