Bettie Page Archives

A wonderful book for sale for all Bettie Page lovers. ‘The collaboration between Bettie Page and the Klaws produced photographs that are far more than mere pin-ups. They have given generations of men and women something to admire, by showing one strong, unapologetically sensual woman, at home in her curvaceous body. While by today’s standards some of these images may seem tame, even humorous, there … Continue reading Bettie Page Archives

Charles Guyette, book for sale

The aim of this book (by Richard Perez) was to evoke the spirit of Guyette – to collect surviving fragments of a decimated catalogue, mainly using vintage fetish publications from the 1930s to the 1980s, and reconstruct a lost history. This portfolio of images is followed by biographical information not seen anywhere else, and serves as a substantial introduction to the birth of American fetish … Continue reading Charles Guyette, book for sale


This book was published in 1932, written by Dr. Heinrich Morenkamp & Dr. Gertrude Perkauf. It’s a study of erotic drawings and photos of spanking, flogging for the sake of erotic stimulation.Black and white, and colour illustrations, amongst others, an illustration with cover plate. Numerous photos and drawings. Text in German.This book is currently offered for sale via auction. Continue reading Erziehungs-Flagellantismus