I Cover the waterfront

There was a photo for the movie I cover the waterfront (1933) with Claudette Colbert and Ben Lyon that made me curious. The photo shows Claudette (as Julie) and Ben (as Joseph) visiting a old torture room in a museum. Ben ties up Claudette and a romantic and somewhat funny kissing scene follows.I managed to find some more photos and screenshots and a short clip. Continue reading I Cover the waterfront

Alfred Noyer

Alfred Noyer was a well known and acclaimed photographer. His Paris studio operated between 1910 and the 1940’s. Many of his early cards were photo reproductions of drawn, painted, or sculpted artworks printed in halftone lithography. He also produced illustrated photo cards of the First World War, many with heavy patriotic or allegorical themes. By the 1920’s he began producing cards of children and women, … Continue reading Alfred Noyer

Lea Niako

Lea Niako (1908-1945), real name Maria Kruse. Was a German actress and ballerina. She worked within the choreographic movement called nackttanz , in which its protagonists sometimes came to act practically naked before the public, which has been interpreted by some researchers as a “gesture of emancipationDuring a private party held at the end of February 1934 he was arrested together with the agent and officer of the … Continue reading Lea Niako