Edward Steichen

Edward Jean Steichen (1879 – 1973) was a Luxembourgish American photographer, painter, and curator, renowned as one of the most prolific and influential figures in the history of photography. Steichen was credited with transforming photography into an art form. His photographs appeared in Alfred Stieglitz’s groundbreaking magazine Camera Work more often than anyone else during its publication run from 1903 to 1917. Stieglitz hailed him … Continue reading Edward Steichen

Lesbian Love

These photos made me doubt if they could be from Biederer Studio, the photos do have that special vibe, also one of the ladies is wearing lingerie I have seen before in shoots from Biederer. Since I am not sure and don’t want to loose them I decided to add them here, what interests me are the markings seen in two photos. I am not … Continue reading Lesbian Love