About this Site

Years ago I had been fallen in love with rare vintage fetish photos. I noticed many sites share some bits and bites, but little make the effort to collect and present complete collections. It takes time to built up these collections, as surprising as this might be…there are some albums that took me over four years to get more then four photos from a same shoot together. At this site I try to connect photos to the original photographer, and as hard as it is I even try to find out which models were used and built some seperate pages for them as well.

The Fetish Gallery has a special project hidden inside, one that is very dear to me…the legacy from Jacques and Charles Biederer who founded the Bieder/Ostra Studio. It is mostly mentioned that Irving Klaw was the first fetish photography producer, little know he was inspired by the Biederer Brothers. And they were not the first as well, there was this photographer and painter Charles Francois Jeandel who had a secret album with many nude bondage photos most likely made of his (younger) wife and some different models. Or what to think about Pierre Moulinier, Yva Richard, Marcel Meys. I try to add photographers to this site that I feel have had influence in fetish photography, which can be a thin line with fashion photography.

This site is a journey back in time, you can browse any way you like. All content is free to view, if you like this site and all the time and energy I have invested in it you are invited to consider a donation. Your support will help me to continue building and expending this website.

Should you have any questions be sure to contact me, using the contact form.
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