Yva (Else)

Else Ernestine Neuländer-Simon (1900 – 1944) was a German Jewish photographer renowned for her dreamlike, multiple exposed images. She became a leading photographer in Berlin during the Weimar Republic.She used the names Yva and Yva Else Simon in her work as photographer. In 1925, Neuländer established her own photographic studio using the professional pseudonym Yva in a favorable location, near the avenue of Kurfürstendamm. In 1926,…

Yva Richard, L’age d’or du Fetishism

This book chronicles the classic erotic photography of “Yva Richard“, a famous purveyor of high-end lingerie and other sexy clothing items in Paris throughout the first few decades of the 20th Century. Contrary to what many people on the web seem to believe, “Yva Richard” is neither the name of the company’s owner nor is…

Yva Richard

Yva Richard was a company created by L. Richard and Nativa Richard. Yva Richard was one of the very first fetish producers around 1930. The company started in 1913 and closed down in 1943, they were stored at Studio 9 at the Rue Pillet-Will in Paris. They began in 1914 selling costumes, women’s hats, shoes,…


Photographed by Yva Richard. The model is unknown, some say it could be a very young Nativa Richard. Submission Submission

Petit Catalog des Fetishismes

This book was printed privately and has some really nice photos from photographers Ostra Studio and Yva Richard in the collection.With 112 photos from the private collection from Jean-Pierre Bourgeron. The book was published in 1982.