Alfred Noyer

Alfred Noyer was a well known and acclaimed photographer. His Paris studio operated between 1910 and the 1940’s. Many of his early cards were photo reproductions of drawn, painted, or sculpted artworks printed in halftone lithography. He also produced illustrated photo cards of the First World War, many with heavy patriotic or allegorical themes. By the 1920’s he began producing cards of children and women, … Continue reading Alfred Noyer

Julian Mandel

Julian Mandel (1872 – 1935) was the pseudonym of Lucien Waléry, a well known photographer of the same period. It can be confusing that there were two other photographers using the name Walery as well: Count Stanislaw Julian Ostrorog (1830-1890 and his son son Stanislaw Julian Ignacy, Count Ostrorog (1863-1935).Lucien Waléry stands out in the night lights of Paris because he photographed an extraordinary number of … Continue reading Julian Mandel

Grundworth Studio (1890 till 1930)

Eventhough some photographers dared to openly publish erotic works (like Ostra Studio, Albert Arthur Allen, Alfred Noyer) the more risque photographed were distributed under pseudonyms, or published via a commercial studio. The photographs that were published via the name Grundworth seem to be more daring then others (although Ostra Studio managed to deal with many daring and risque themes Grundworth left on the side as … Continue reading Grundworth Studio (1890 till 1930)