Lucette Desmoulins

Lucette Desmoulins was a French actress. Apart from her roles in the theater from 1927 and in the cinema from the beginning of the speaking in 1930, there is nearly nothing about Lucette Desmoulins except that at the time we often met her in the contests of elegance.
She seems to have been engaged with the companion of the cartoonist Pol Rab (1898-1933) with whom she had a daughter named Odette. After the release from the movie L’Habit vert in October 1937 all traces to Lucette seem to be gone.

Lucette is known for a few movies:

  • Le bossu (1934)
  • Un soir de réveillon (1933)
  • 77 rue Chalgrin (1931)

She also appeared in these musicals:

  • Ma Femme (1927)
  • Flossie (1929)
  • Arsène Lupin
  • Banquier (1930)
  • Un soir de réveillon (1932)
  • Loulou et ses boys (1933)

She posed for Biederer Studio, in some erotic and sexy posed. So far she is the only known model from a wide range of models who posed for Biederer Studio. Discover many photos done by Biederer Studio.

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