Henri Oltramare

Thanks to one of the followers I was pointed out that some photos of chained girls I had published could be the work from Henri Oltramare. The photos I had found had no signature (only three stars), but then I was shown that there are two photos from the same models and scene, that have Oltramare’s signature on them. These photos also connect to another shoot with chained girls I had published before, and which I had suggested might be from the same photographer.

So I decided to create a page for this photographer, connect these previously published posts, and see if I could find some more photos. What I found is not truly fetish or fashion, but I will add some so you can see and compare the style from the various photographs. See these three compilations, on the left you can see the photo without signature, on the right the signature from Henri Oltromare shows. The models are obviously the same. Then the third compilation has no signature, but that last photo was found in an album together (4th photo) with the first two (with signature), which makes it more logical they are from the same photographer.

Henri Oltramare was a French Impressionist & Modern artist. He was active between 189’0 to 1900. So far I was unable to find information about the photographer.

Mystery of the three chained Girls

Mixed Album

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