Edwin Bower Hesser (1893-1962) was among to first to vibrate sympathetically with Alfred Cheney Johnston’s photographic presentations of the Ziegfeld Follies girls after they became widely available in 1917. Hesser, after a career as a theatrical impresario, manager of New York’s first movie palace, movie scenario writer, movie actor, director, and producer, military officer, and educator, became in 1919 became a photographer largely because of Johnston’s art.

Inspired by Johnston’s portraits and nudes, Hesser determined to follow in his footsteps becoming a visualizer of feminine beauty. Within three years, he opened studios in New York and Los Angeles, affiliated with First National film studio, and became Hollywood’s foremost art photographer of women.  He periodically did still work, particularly during the mid-1920s for Mack Sennett,  but found it distasteful. Throughout the 1920s, he emulated Johnston by concentrating on portraiture, artistic nudes, and fashion photography. (read more here)

I have stored a lot of photos credited to this photographer, for some I was able to trace the model, others not yet.

Carol Lombard (1908 – 1942)

Marie Prevost (1896 -1937)

Anna May Wong (1905 – 1961)

Dolores Del Rio (1904 – 1984)

Lucille Ricksen (1910 – 1925)

Jacqueline Logan (1904 – 1983)

Mixed Models