Nativa Richard Mixed

Nativa Richard was the muse for her husband, photographer Yva Richard, who’s name was deducted from Natyva. (It is believed the name for Yva Richard’s Company was inspired by Nativa, who’s real name was Natyva. )
She was a seamstress and most likely responsible for the idea of creating and selling fetish lingerie and accessories via La Lingerie Moderne. It is said Native must have been a exhibitionist (due to her posing). I am not sure about this, perhaps she was more of an idealist who wanted their products to be presented in the most perfect way, who better to pose in their own products then she herself?
It seems she also used pseudonyms like Helios and Miss Milado.

As a model she posed in various settings such as with lingerie, in submissive poses, in chains and chastity and as Mistress. Since the Yva Richard Company sold lingerie, cuffs, chastity, whips and more it is likely to conclude she posed for the magazine to sell their items.

Here is a mixed album, for more visit my dedicated project.


4 thoughts on “Nativa Richard Mixed

  1. Nativa era casada com LOUIS RICHARD, e ambos fundaram a empresa YVA RICHARD STUDIO. A informação acima está equivocada.


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