Broken Vase

First, “The Broken Vase”, a rare fetish film by Paris photographer Jacques Biederer. A simple scenario of a clumsy maid getting a hand spanking from her mistress. Biederer’s Ostra Studio made a few non-pornographic films of this type. He is best known for his elegant, erotic photographs of fetishistic subjects: bondage, whipping, domination, spanking, and role-play. The second film clip, “Mrs. and her Maid”, from an unknown source, is of the same subject. A woman tears up a love letter that has just arrived. Then she spanks the maid for dropping a tray (hard to tell as a few seconds of film have been lost). This ends in a long lesbian kiss, and more.

The movies below are produced by Ostra Studio, this studio was well known for its high class erotic images (they started as Biederer Studio). Going by the name Ostra Studio Jacques Biederer and his brother Charles Biederer were perhaps the first pioneers in creating fetish photos and fetish movies. Enjoy these very rare movies showing sensual spanking moments between woman. The movies below were found at

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