Birch is the name of any tree of the genus Betula. These are generally small to medium-size trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate climates.

The spanking implement called birch or birch rod is a bundle of twigs cut from a tree, normally the birch tree. Freshly cut or dried out and with twigs and leaves removed, it has been long used as a means of corporal punishment called “birching”.

In French, the implement is called verges (from the Latin virga). In German it is known as Birkenrute or just Rute (rod), in Dutch tuchtroede, in Russia rozgii (розги).
In England the silver birch was commonly identified with the female gender in the nineteenth century and was sometimes referred to as “Lady Birch.”

In many artworks and photographs the birch is present. Somehow it seems connected to the way discipline was seen, and was being presented. Enjoy these very special albums with birching photographs dating back till 1890.

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