John de Mirjian

John de Mirjian (1896 – 1928) was a well known photographer, despite his very short career (six years) he managed to photograph many leading Broadway entertainers, as well as many showgirls. He became more famous however due to a lawsuit Louise Brooks started, accusing him of preventing publication of her .semi-nude images
His life ended by a car crash, it is believed he was 30 years old when he died.
John de Mirjian had a photo studio in Manhattan together with his brother Arto.
Models who posed for John de Mirhjian were for Louise Brooks, Jean Yoder, Vera Marsh, Maria Hayne (rose Marie Hayne), Paula Sands, Cornelia Rogers, Agatha Hoff, Peggy Blake, Rose Fromson, Sylvia Neirick.

Since I was unable to find many photos from these models shot by John I did not built seperate albums (yet 😉