Pat was born in Oklahoma in 1937 or 1939, her father was a Blackfoot Indian. She settled in LA in the mid-1950s. She appeared in men’s magazines (under different names and different spellings) from 1957 to the early 1960s. She posed for a number of L.A. photographers, including Peter (?) Gowland, André de Dienes and Keith Bernard and had worked as a showgirl at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas.
In 1959 she worked in the movie The Naked Venus.

In the middle of 1959 she posed at first for at set of photos where she and June appeared together and then shortly after for the story set: The Stolen Date (second version)

Pat appears alone in seven sets of bondage photos shot in 1960. She was also used for a private shoot by Willie (shot at a Beverly Hills mansion’s poolside, see nude below) and another private shoot by one of Willie’s visiting New York City friends. Unfortunetely I was unable to track down these images.

Pat (and Judy?)

Pat and June