Grundworth Studio (1890 till 1930)

Eventhough some photographers dared to openly publish erotic works (like Ostra Studio, Albert Arthur Allen, Alfred Noyer) the more risque photographed were distributed under pseudonyms, or published via a commercial studio. The photographs that were published via the name Grundworth seem to be more daring then others (although Ostra Studio managed to deal with many daring and risque themes Grundworth left on the side as far to my knowledge). About the name Grundworth there is not much to find, the name seems lost in history however there are hundreds of images dating from 1890 till 1930 that are attributed to this name.

It is possible that Grundworth was a collaboration between phtogoraphed with a studio that could not risk getting arrested and lose their studio (and income). It is known that the name has been characterizes as anagram of Albert Wyndham, a known photographer (Filmart Studio) and it a fact that Grundworth and Albert Wyndham used the same models. I also discovered some photos attributed to Grundworth that I already had connected to Ostra Studio. So then there are two other photographers/studios who’s work appear in the collection of Grundworth.

I am sure in time I will stumble upon more photos and will add these to this collection here. For now enjoy the alvbums I have put together, sorted as much as possible to a proper theme to prevent you from having to view a mixed bag of erotic risque photographs from Grundworth Studio.